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Our mission is to transform animal sheltering and enrich the community engagement effort by creating a regional culture and infrastructure to advance and enhance a humane environment for all animals in need.  By implementing current best practices through a collaborative approach in our targeted area, we will develop animal welfare expertise across the entire region to maximize lives saved.

We also target to help the most vulnerable animals in shelters, seniors with medical conditions and newborns that need special care. 

What We Do

Our experts, with 20 years animal welfare experience in West Virginia will provide consultative services to animal welfare organizations in our region.    Through independent assessment, the implementation of more efficient and effective procedures, and through training and engagement of staff, volunteers and the community, we will change the future of animals in need.


We will also work to build a network of support for shelters to communicate, empower one another and collaborate in developing our State to be a leader in animal welfare.

These services will be offered at no cost to the shelters themselves as our services are funded through donations, grants and fundraising efforts.

When we are able, we also may provide foster care, rescue support and medical treatment  for senior animals that are most vulnerable and often the least adoptable in shelters. 

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We believe that all animal lives matter.  With our help every animal welfare organization can be equally prepared to face the challenges all too common in animal shelters everywhere and save more lives than ever!

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Improving operations and quality of life

The Streets

Engaging communities to make a difference


Bringing shelters together to save more lives

Our Focus Areas

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Get in touch with Animal Lives Matter WV to learn more about our work.

304-482-8753  or 740-706-0489

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