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Our goal is to arm shelters with proven practices and solutions to be better prepared and equipped to both avoid and solve future problems.

Assessment Focus Areas

Improving operations and quality of life
The Streets

Fundamental to every assessment will be a comprehensive review of all operational functions and procedures, with a foundational requirement of increasing life saving and ensuring quality customer service.  The process will entail reviewing existing procedures, documentation and/or manuals, direct observation, and interviews with staff and customers.  Areas of review are inclusive but not limited to:

  • Intake procedures

  • Facilities and kennel/cage cleaning procedures

  • Medication/Vaccination

  • Animal Placement - Return to owner, adoption and rescue

  • Spay/neuter 

  • Staffing and management

  • Budget and finance

  • Dangerous animals, quarantine protocol and dealing with bites/injuries

  • Animal control responsibilities (where applicable)

  • Long and short term planning

Engaging communities to make a difference

The utilization of our communities, businesses, and the public to expand the efforts and reach of a shelter is vital to success.  As such part of what we offer is a comprehensive evaluation of existing and potential utilization of these resources.  In particular in the following areas:

  • Volunteer Program

  • Training and orientation

  • Foster program

  • Fundraising

  • Community involvement

  • Community and business partners

  • Social media

  • Education on responsible pet ownership, shelter role in our communities,  animal related laws, and services available for pet owners.

Focus Areas Ops
Focus Areas Engage
Focus Areas Together
Bringing shelters together to save more lives

Beyond the need to enhance and assist individual organizations, we recognize the tremendous value to a cohesive strategy to minimize the effects of geographical boundaries in our area.  Working towards a more collaborative approach to animal welfare will maximize the utilization of experienced resources and best practices to improve the lives of homeless animals throughout the region by working together.  In doing so, we will:

  • Increase the availability and utilization of resources and expertise to the betterment of all animals

  • Create a more comprehensive and cohesive advocacy on animal welfare issues

  • Increase the effectiveness and availability of animal control expertise and resources, while reducing inequalities in the application of law protecting the right of animals.

  • Increase the understanding of responsible pet ownership.

Not only does this approach create opportunities for increased operational effectiveness but such collaboration and restructuring will, through a regionally-based service structure, create efficiencies and cost savings!  Consolidating common needs and servicing into a central function, such as the acquisition of supplies (food, vaccines, medications, etc.), common services (accounting, audit, etc.) and employee services (training, drug testing, employee assistance, etc.), will reduce administrative overhead, take advantage of economies of scale and ensure more consistent availability to all.

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